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Why it is okay to be fat

I’m somewhat a little late to this party, but please watch the video below.  If you haven’t already seen it, it is an explanation of why it is okay to be fat and why being fat is not as bad for you as has been made out.

People on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet have already commented on some of the science presented.  I will comment on the paradox presented.  Medical professionals will treat the most severe forms of type 2 diabetes and these generally present themselves in people who are obese.  Therefore a person in a normal weight range is not usually going to present symptoms as extreme and therefore not require the most aggressive treatments.  Lastly (on this), it is not really a paradox.  It is playing on a quirky set of statistics and circumstances.

From the beginning, Golda can be identified as someone with an unhealthy relationship with food.  Being put on a diet at 4 years old is not healthy.  It has clearly developed a continuing unhealthy relationship with food.

Jumping from fad diet to fad diet doesn’t work in the long term.  When you start a fad diet, you generally loose water weight and the initial results can be quite dramatic.  You can loose 1 – 5 pounds per week, depending on the extremes of the diet  This will level out and you will stop loosing weight.  The general trend thereafter is too lose heart, come off the diet, eat what you used to eat and put on all or if not more, of the weight you had lost.

What does work?

Calories in vs. calories out.  If you burn off more calories than you eat you will lose weight.  Take in more, and you will put weight on.  It is brilliantly simple.  I recommend using this as a guide:

IIFYM Calculator

So, what is my problem with the talk by Golda?

It is abdication of responsibility.  It is the claim that people who lose a lot of weight and keep it off are statistical outliers.  Therefore claiming that they have some sort of superpower, super diet, drugs or magic pills.  It is insulting to the people who train and eat correctly.

Look here:

And here:

In case you think its only one type of person, with the featured male and female transformations:


So, on the abdication of responsibility theme:

  • It must be okay for single people to be lonely and not seek to better their attractiveness to help find a partner
  • It must be okay to drop out of school and not get an education
  • It must be okay not to progress in your career
  • It must be okay not to better yourself to be a better partner, father (mother), friend etc

Why pick these?  They all require work, dedication and a responsibility to yourself to improve your own situation.  By improving yourself, you improve your own quality of life and the quality of life of those around you.  it takes far less effort to sit in front of a screen and eat 3,000 calories in a sitting.

Oh, and as a parting shot to Golda who is against you buying diet plans, pills etc because it feeds a massive diet industry?  You are in on it too.  Don’t believe me?  Go visit her “little shop” or book some coaching via her website.