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The Sharon Stone moment

So, at a club and have had 2/3 drinks.  My friends have gone home but I had joined them late, was not drunk and for some reason the drink wasn’t going down that easily.  I don’t like to waste though, so I thought I’d take a seat and finish the drink before heading home.

A woman sits down opposite and does an extremely blatant Sharon Stone moment (see Basic Instinct).  She was attractive, her lady bits were well groomed and she’s seen that I’ve noticed although I’m turning away.  She asks if I had noticed and, regrettably, I said yes.

Cue passionate rant on how its her right to show her lady bits in public but its no-ones right to notice.  Now, other than saying yes I had noticed, I made no comment, did not stare, drool uncontrollably or make any kind of move.  Because she’s getting worked up, I abandon my drink and walk home.

People can dress as they wish (within reason) but I’m sure hell would be raised if my genitals were visible at the club.  Strikes me as a marked double standard.  I am curious what she would have said though, if I had said no.

In an unconnected incident, a group of young women were escorted from the club a few weeks later.  They were all wearing skin tight dresses that they pulled up on the dance floor.  Yep, no underwear.