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Boobs on Holiday

And what I mean by that is boobs seen on holiday.

And to provide further clarity, topless sunbathing on European beaches.

I don’t really like the beach.  I don’t mind climbing rocks or investigating rock pools but sunbathing annoys me.  I don’t know why.  So, I only go to the beach for other people.  Spending time with family or friends.  What strikes me on European beaches is the number of topless sunbathers plus the number of women who are quite happy to walk around topless, swim or play sports.  It seems as long as it stays on the beach its accepted.  There doesn’t seem to be any trouble, no harassment and from what I could gather, the main problem these women face is being caught on camera and being posted on the internet.

So, on this particular day we went to the beach.  Not having been there before we didn’t appreciate how big it was and how few points there were to get down to the sand.  We didn’t pick the best access point and ended up walking along the sand for quite a while to get to a large and clear enough spot.

I have a pretty good poker face.  In fact

I am Jacks sense of self control

I am Jacks sense of self control

There were a huge number of stunning, topless women, confident and happy.  But, I got troubled.  And it still bothers me now thinking back on it ten years on.

A dad, walking along the beach with his young teenage topless daughter.  In stark contrast to these women who wanted to bare their breasts, could an underage make a decision to do so and understand the potential sexual attraction that might be caused?  This youngster surely couldn’t?  It felt wrong then, feels wrong now.  My partner felt the same way.

Surely the dad should have realised it was crossing a line?