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Why it is okay to be fat

I’m somewhat a little late to this party, but please watch the video below.  If you haven’t already seen it, it is an explanation of why it is okay to be fat and why being fat is not as bad for you as has been made out.

People on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet have already commented on some of the science presented.  I will comment on the paradox presented.  Medical professionals will treat the most severe forms of type 2 diabetes and these generally present themselves in people who are obese.  Therefore a person in a normal weight range is not usually going to present symptoms as extreme and therefore not require the most aggressive treatments.  Lastly (on this), it is not really a paradox.  It is playing on a quirky set of statistics and circumstances.

From the beginning, Golda can be identified as someone with an unhealthy relationship with food.  Being put on a diet at 4 years old is not healthy.  It has clearly developed a continuing unhealthy relationship with food.

Jumping from fad diet to fad diet doesn’t work in the long term.  When you start a fad diet, you generally loose water weight and the initial results can be quite dramatic.  You can loose 1 – 5 pounds per week, depending on the extremes of the diet  This will level out and you will stop loosing weight.  The general trend thereafter is too lose heart, come off the diet, eat what you used to eat and put on all or if not more, of the weight you had lost.

What does work?

Calories in vs. calories out.  If you burn off more calories than you eat you will lose weight.  Take in more, and you will put weight on.  It is brilliantly simple.  I recommend using this as a guide:

IIFYM Calculator

So, what is my problem with the talk by Golda?

It is abdication of responsibility.  It is the claim that people who lose a lot of weight and keep it off are statistical outliers.  Therefore claiming that they have some sort of superpower, super diet, drugs or magic pills.  It is insulting to the people who train and eat correctly.

Look here:

And here:

In case you think its only one type of person, with the featured male and female transformations:


So, on the abdication of responsibility theme:

  • It must be okay for single people to be lonely and not seek to better their attractiveness to help find a partner
  • It must be okay to drop out of school and not get an education
  • It must be okay not to progress in your career
  • It must be okay not to better yourself to be a better partner, father (mother), friend etc

Why pick these?  They all require work, dedication and a responsibility to yourself to improve your own situation.  By improving yourself, you improve your own quality of life and the quality of life of those around you.  it takes far less effort to sit in front of a screen and eat 3,000 calories in a sitting.

Oh, and as a parting shot to Golda who is against you buying diet plans, pills etc because it feeds a massive diet industry?  You are in on it too.  Don’t believe me?  Go visit her “little shop” or book some coaching via her website.


Why is she wearing a swimsuit to the office?

Part of the office culture here is that staff members do not have to report incidents, issues or concerns directly to the upper levels of management.  They are free to talk to someone lower down the order who will take it up on their behalf and they can bow out of the process at that stage should they wish.

This works well.  Some people can have concerns that they won’t be listened to or they feel intimidated about going straight to the top.  So, I’ll recall an incident here.

The title of this post was the opening to the conversation and it took me by surprise.  I remember thinking what, who?  It was a case of her over there and a brief rant about why the standard of dress was not appropriate.

To quickly set the scene, it was a hot day and the person in question was wearing a skirt that came above the knee (but not in breach of policy), a thinly strapped top (stomach was covered and very little cleavage showing) and heels.  A matching jacket was hung over the back of her office chair.  For certain, it was on the casual side of professional but well with in the rules.

Now I’ve seen a few swimsuits before, some more daring than others perhaps, but I can never recall one that I would (probably inadequately) describe as a skirt suit.  Alas per policy I had to report it in writing, describing the discussion and what the other party was wearing.  I felt like a catwalk MC who wasn’t doing his job properly “xxx was wearing a cream coloured……….”.

It was dismissed out of hand but a few days later the woman who made the complaint came to see me again.  She identifies herself as a feminist and a supporter of feminist ideals.  She said she hoped things didn’t go further with her issue, she was having a bad time at the moment and wanted to hurt someone and that someone was going to be the best dressed female in the office at that moment.

She had no intention of striking out at a male though.

Spiked drinks and rape culture

When you investigate the Red Pill, manosphere etc you will inevitably see references to feminism, rape culture, gender equality and a host of other topics.

I count myself fortunate that I’ve never had to encounter rape directly apart from the indirect incident described below.  It is neither horrific or graphic but it did give me, at least, pause for thought.

I had gone out with friends and we were heading to a karaoke bar.  The bar has a large area outside that is quite handy as it gives more than enough room for people to get into and out of the bar plus you can wait around for friends or a taxi without having to be moved on.

There is a little commotion outside the bar.  A young woman is slumped on the floor and clearly not in a good way.  She is being attended to though and people are mentioning that an ambulance is on the way.  A young woman is standing to the side looking on and I ask her whats going on.

Turns out that the young woman had been drinking, not heavily, but her drink had been spiked and shes having a bad reaction to the drink plus whatever was added to it.  I say that I had heard there was a spate of drink spiking and hopefully she’ll be okay.

I discover that the person I’m talking to is either a friend or a colleague, either way she knows the young woman well.  She is borderline angry/upset though.


She’s not happy with the young woman and whilst she is concerned for her health, had she been conscious she would have given her a piece of her mind.  It transpires that the young woman has spiked her own drink.  She wanted more of a buzz than the booze could have provided and the first part of the plan was if she was caught under the influence or couldn’t handle it, she’d use drink spiking as an excuse.

The second part of the plan was to give her an out.  What did this mean?  Well, if she hooked up with a guy and didn’t like what was going on before the bedroom she’d start screaming about her drink being spiked.  If it was after the bedroom and she felt ashamed about sleeping with him, she’d report him to the authorities saying her drink was spiked.

If though, she could handle it, liked the guy and felt good about herself after the bedroom, it was a case of no harm done.  Thankfully, and although you don’t wish ill on people, she didn’t get as far as involving a guy.

If she did though, how does the guy prove a negative (I didn’t spike her drink)?  Unless she is caught putting the stuff in her own drink, the guy is going to go through hell.  If someone else knew of her plan, could you count on them to do the right thing?


Nudge Nudge Wink Wink, Feminist on Penis Size

This was sent to me by a feminist:

Dream Penis Size Chart

Dream Penis Size Chart

I don’t know how this was calculated but it claims that an ideal penis length is between 7 1/4 and 8 1/4 inches and between 6 1/4 and 6 1/2 inches in circumference which is an “A” category.  Thankfully there are B, C & D categories for us guys to fit into.  Just don’t be an “E” category.

Of course, she wants a reaction.  “Well?”  She says, with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.  I just smile, after all we are all equal.


Unintended Consequenses of Feminism – Hair

A female colleague comes into the office on a Monday after the weekend and she is beeming.  She has had her hair done over the weekend and it clearly cost in terms of time and money. 

She receives a number of compliments from her female coworkers but nothing from the male contingent.  Now, she is upset by this and loudly states that the men are useless and don’t notice anything women do.  Perhaps because she noticed that I heard her, attention is directed my way.

(Her) You, why you don’t say anything nice about my hair?

(Me) Sorry, not allowed to.

(Her) Why, you don’t have opinion?

(Me) I do, but we can’t say anything as directed in the (gender and diversity) training we had as that could be interpreted as unwelcome comments.

(Her) Unbelievable, I put a lot of effort into this.

Whist her reaction could be predicted, she had gone to a lot of effort, the results were good and it was important to her that she had validation.  The most interesting reaction though was of her female colleagues.  Most of them were wide eyed and quite surprised.

Should they have been?  You could argue not.  We all did the same training but it became clear, especially after a few conversations outside the office, that they had not seen where it could lead.

So, to conclude, ten years ago you could have said it looks goods, very nice etc and she would have been happy.  Now, she feels upset.  You could argue that she shouldn’t seek validation from others but a simple 30 second exchange would have given her a little morale boost for the rest of the day.


Why did you do that to Leia, George?

The folks over at are on a mission.  The stated aim is:

“Our class was disturbed by what we perceive to be an overwhelmingly widespread belief that today’s society no longer needs feminism. In order to change this perception, we have launched a PR campaign for feminism. We aim to challenge existing stereotypes surrounding feminists and assert the importance of feminism today. We feel that until the denigration surrounding feminism and women’s issues is alleviated, it will be hard to achieve total gender equality, both statistically and socially.”

The site consists of posts, like the one below, that typically show someone holding up a piece of paper with a handwritten explanation of why they need Feminism.  As of this post, there are 276 pages on the site.  Once you swallow the Red Pill, you can’t avoid feminism or the discussion therein.  I have read all 276 pages.


I kept coming back to the above post though.  It stumped me.  A dictionary definition of feminism is here:  I couldn’t see how it applied.  Princess Leia is badass and the same dictionary source provides a definition of badass as being someone being of formidable skill and strength.

Princess Leia being enslaved by Jabba the Hut and being forced to wear the aforesaid metal bikini, is a plot device.  It is meant to strip her of her qualities, to be at the whim of Jabba.  Much like Han Solo was equally stripped of his qualities by being encased in carbonite.  To not reveal spoilers; the list of Princess Leia’s accomplishments is huge.  Any heroic character in fiction, and in real life, has to experience negative events to come through the other side and is true regardless of gender.  Princess Leia is a much better character for having come through that event.

If feminism is truly about equality, then did George Lucas not pull it off fairly by having both Princess Leia and Han Solo effectively incapacitated at the same time?

Did this user actually watch the film?

Did this user actually understand what was going on?  Or, could they not see past the bikini?